How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?

Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?

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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Little Jaguar Mystery School

Courses and workshops in Toltec and Shamanism. Healings and personal consultations, Tarot, Oracle and Animal card readings, and The Mesa shop - books, crystals, shamanic tools, jewellery, Mayan, Mexican, Andean crafts, and much more.

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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Intensive Toltec Mastery Course

Toltec Mastery Course

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Are you ready to begin a new life full of personal power?

Are you ready to remove needless and self-limiting beliefs that tie you down and stop you from moving forward?

Steeped in the ancient traditional techniques of pre Columbian Mexico, this 8* day intensive coursefocuses on teaching the basicfundamentals of Toltec wisdom whilst learning how to apply them in a complex modern world.

Learn to ...

  • recapitulate your past and erase personal history
  • understand self importance
  • discover Stalking and Dreaming
  • gain Personal Power
  • and live your life purposefully, lovingly, and with intent

Mastery of Awareness

We all like to believe we know how the world works ... but we don't. As humans we have tunnel vision, we are only aware of a narrow and limited perspective of reality. There are infinite realities. In Mastery of Awareness you will learn new ways to perceive. You will learn to hunt for yourself, and how to move through the world. You will begin to enjoy new perspectives, new realities, where your life opens to wonderful possibilities and limitless potential.

Mastery of Intent

Once we bgin to know who we really are, we are ready to move forward in the directions we choose. Rather than be pushed and pulled, where we do what we have to, when there isn't enough time, we take back control of our lives. This requires Intent, a form of energy combined with focus. Much more than desire or want, Intent is an energetic fact. Learn to understand how Intent works, and how to go with its flow.

Mastery of Love

This is where life begins! Combining Awareness and Intent, we learn personal Power, self responsibility and freedom. This is only possible with Love. Our hearts need to be clear, our minds need to be clean, and our vision true. In this way we move forward confidently, impeccably and lovingly.

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* About the Toltec Mastery Course

The Intensive Toltec Mastery Course is conducted over 8 seperate days. The total cost of the 8 day course is $1,250. Payment can be made in increments of $250 weekly comencing prior to the first day.

The Course is conducted in and around pristine bushland in the Upper Yarra Valley.

Additional details by contacting Susan on (03) 9733 0852 or by emailing.