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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Little Jaguar Mystery School

Courses and workshops in Toltec and Shamanism. Healings and personal consultations, Tarot, Oracle and Animal card readings, and The Mesa shop - books, crystals, shamanic tools, jewellery, Mayan, Mexican, Andean crafts, and much more.

Call in to our shop at
209 Mt Dandenong Road, Croydon, AU, 3136
Phone: +613 9733 0852
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Hunting for Power by Susan Oliver

Hunting for Power

'Hunting for Power - a warrior's guide to freedom' is, to all intents and purposes, a pathway to unity; a handbook that offers its readers a blueprint that, if observed with integrity, will afford effective and immediate personal empowerment; a guide that navigates us as we embark on our own inner healing journey.

'Hunting for Power' combines fundamental Toltec tradition with contemporary attitude in a manner that promises to motivate and inspire affirmative change.

'Hunting for Power' is an essential guide infused with potential to awaken the Spiritual Warrior within all who dare to dream. It provides step by step, hands on examples that quickly reveal how you can:

  • heal the Self & find your Personal Power
  • review your past in a healthy, meaningful way
  • regain clarity and integrity
  • live purposeful lives ruled by truth
  • live responsibly
  • become your own healer and teacher & heal all emotional wounds
  • release fear & forgive from your heart
  • live a life permeated with love
  • remember who you are and what you are capable of being
  • live an interrelated life, in balance with those who share your world

"Powerful, insightful, and intimate, 'Hunting for Power' is a must read for all potential Spiritual Warriors." (Scott Alexander King)

AUD$35 (incl GST) plus $5 postage inside Australia, enquire about overseas postage.

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Visible Face of Spirit

An article published in Insight Magazine - July 2005.
Download PDF here

Animal Dreaming by Scott King

Animal Dreaming

The Symbolic and Spiritual Language of the Australian Animals

Australia's first shamanic field guide that lists the symbolic interpretation of over 200 of Australia's indigenous and introduced animals.

Visit Animal Dreaming to purchase or for more info.

A Meditative Journey by Scott King

Animal Dreaming

A Meditative Journey

A CD recorded by Scott Alexander King that guides the listener deep into their subconscious self where they are invited to explore their inner landscape and come face to face with their totem animal.

Visit Animal Dreaming to purchase or for more info.

Rodrigo and Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela

'Kicking off with some superb Flamenco rolls and running headlong into high octane Jazz/Flamenco/Rock guitar, Rodrigo y Gabriela's third and Eponymous album picks up from where Live in Manchester and Dublin left off, with a live feel that leads the listener to expect well-deserved applause following each number.'
The Guardian Jazz Cafe, London. Robin Denselow, 2005

Visit Rodrigo Y Gabriela website for samples, purchasing details and more info.

Keep Going, New Album by Tongue in Groove

'Keep Going' by Tongue in Groove

KEEP GOING is the first CD by didgeridoo handcrafter Bruce Roger's new band TONGUE N GROOVE.

Pumping lounge and drum'n'bass beats, driving didgeridoo rhythms woven with guitar and very cool trumpet create the sound that is TONGUE N GROOVE.

Visit Bruce Roger's website for samples, purchasing details and more info.

Cloudhands Album by Bruce Rogers

'Cloudhands' by Bruce Rogers

Cloudhands is Bruce's first solo CD. Recorded in late 1996 and early 1997, Cloudhands was released at the end of 1997 and has received widespread and ongoing praise. It is a mix of eight diverse tracks and is a demonstration of Bruce's vision and imagination with the didgeridoo.

Visit Bruce Roger's website for samples, purchasing details and more info.

Dreaming of Light

'Dreaming of Light' and other titles by Wantunga

'Dreaming of Light' is one of a range of CD's of didgerdoo music recorded by Wantunga. Visit Wantunga's web site for details of all his titles available at very reasonable prices.

Visit Wantunga's website for samples, purchasing details and more info.