How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?

Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?

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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Little Jaguar Mystery School

Courses and workshops in Toltec and Shamanism. Healings and personal consultations, Tarot, Oracle and Animal card readings, and The Mesa shop - books, crystals, shamanic tools, jewellery, Mayan, Mexican, Andean crafts, and much more.

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209 Mt Dandenong Road, Croydon, AU, 3136
Phone: +613 9733 0852
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Hunting for Power
A Warriors Guide to Freedom

Hunting for Power by Susan Oliver

Powerful, insightful, and intimate, 'Hunting for Power' is a must read for all potential Spiritual Warriors.
(Scott Alexander King)

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First printed in 2005, Susan Oliver's Hunting for Power has attracted a wide audience for her teachings and philosophies. This is her first script and more are on the way. Details of forthcoming works will be available here soon.

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Hunting for Power

'Hunting for Power - a warrior's guide to freedom' is, to all intents and purposes, a pathway to unity; a handbook that offers its readers a blueprint that, if observed with integrity, will afford effective and immediate personal empowerment; a guide that navigates us as we embark on our own inner healing journey.

Chapter One - Maya (excerpt)

She lay panting, her heart pounding in her ears, her body stretched out behind her. She could go no further. She needed to rest, and to eat. Her eyes darted back and forth, searching the undergrowth. It had been two days since she had left home, two days running through the dense jungle. She had no idea when she had lost her pursuers. She slowly sat up and looked around. The jungle was very dense here, and very, very quiet. She took a deep breath, and stood up. Her muscles ached; the soft pads of her feet were cracked and torn. In her haste, in her panic, she had not been as watchful as she should have been and managed to find more than a few thorns and sharp rocks. She would have to be more careful.

She would follow the sun. He would know where to go. The sun always knew. She raised her eyes, looking up at him. So bright, so strong, the sun would take her to the place of her dreams. She had known this was coming. She had been dreaming it for a long time. She knew she would have to leave her home and go to the place of her dreaming. Hearing the sounds of the hunters, she knew it was time. And so she had run, into the sun, leaving her life and everything she knew behind her.

Sniffing the air, the heavy scent of blossoms filled her with calm. She had made it this far and she was alive and safe. She felt the panic drain out of her body. She stretched tenderly and began to move uphill, westwards, towards the sun. The jungle was dense here, but she could see a faint path in the undergrowth. Walking slowly, listening to the sounds around her she heard parrots high up in the trees. Somewhere far off a monkey screeched. Without warning she was suddenly overcome with sorrow, a deep ripping grief. She had lost all. Everything she loved was gone. Memories flooded her and her heart burst with the pain of the love that was now gone, destroyed by the hunters. She sunk slowly to the ground, all strength gone from her body. She slept...