Don't give up!

These exercises are designed to assist in shifting our perceptions in order to create greater choice. Power is a matter of perception, and perception is by nature, fluid.

Quite often when we feel stuck, lost, confused, or afraid, we are perceiving the world from a limiting perspective, and not a very useful one at that.

Each of the exercises are tried and true processes that will help you gain a wider understanding of yourself and the world around you. Some of them are easy and simple, some of them take courage, and some of them seem really weird, but all of them were designed to assist you in your hunt for personal Power.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.



Challenge Yourself!


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The exercises given here all have different purposes, different intent. They have been designed to be easily practiced alone, though they can also be practiced with a friend or group.

1. Not Doing, or Pattern Interrupt

This is great for when you're stuck, unsure, want to change state, or want to test your perceptions and fluidity, and can be fantastic fun. This is a useful Stalking exercise. Essentially, a Not Doing, or Pattern Interrupt, involves not doing whatever you would normally do. Simple.

This can involve anything from taking a different route when going to work, brushing your teeth with your non dominate hand, through to responding differently to a situation or event. If you have always done something a certain way, now is the time to do it any other way. Change your routines, one at a time, or all of them at once, just for today, or for this week, and discover how many routines you really have.

For a Not Doing in a situation or event, you'll need to stalk your usual response to a relatively similar event. For example, if someone blames you for something, remember how you normally respond, and respond differently. If you get angry at or about something, in what other way can you choose to respond?

Remember to keep your sense of humor, and most importantly, remember to be as loving as you can be to yourself and everyone else. This is not an excuse for negative behaviour, rather an exercise designed to gain a wider perception of who you are and what you believe.

2. Changing State

Sometimes we can get stuck in a less than useful state. Generally speaking, a negative state is there to tell us something about what we believe. From this point of view, it's best to stalk what belief caused the negative state you're experiencing. Being in a negative state is actually a good thing, however, there are times when it might be more useful or practical to shift into a more useful state. The negative state can then be stalked from a more useful state. Left ignored, or repressed, the negative state is quite likely to come bouncing back. Work your way down the list, some might work better for you than others. Some of them are really simple, and some are more challenging. Remember, as with all things, to have fun.

  • Play some of your favourite music. Sing along, or get up and dance
  • Go outside, go for a walk, or sit under a tree. Even if it's cold and wet
  • Find an animal to enjoy. Cuddle up with your pet if you have one. Try going outside and find an animal and observing it as closely as you can. A bug, a bird, anything will do
  • Go somewhere you've never been to before. The office across the hall, a new coffee shop, or a weekend away, it's your choice

Can you remember a time when you felt really great? Remember as exactly as you can who was there, what happened, what you said, what they said, how you felt? The more detail you can remember, the better. Really build the images, sounds, smells, and feelings to make it as real as you can. How good does that feel?!
Hey, try doing that again now. The situation might be different, but with a little creative thinking, you might be able to duplicate the key points.

In your mind, give the negative state a shape, any shape will do. If it has a sound, add that in. Does it have a texture, colour or a smell? Is it hard, soft, shiny, rough, bright, dull, etc.
Once you have your image, change it a piece at a time.
For example, if "anger" is red, bright, hard, and sharp, change red to another colour, bright to something else, hard to soft, perhaps, and sharp to something else again.
Watch as the picture slowly disappears, the sound fades away, and the negative state goes with it.