Don't give up!

Into every life, a challenge must fall, and it is these challenges big and small that give us an opportunity to grow. From this perspective, then, challenges are a moment of Power. In facing a challenge, and doing our best, we learn about ourselves, where our strengths lie, and our weakness. We are all used to living our lives from whatever safe and comfortable position we presently exist in. In accepting a challenge, we must break through our existing boundaries and stretch our comfort zones, and by doing so, gain new perspectives, and therefore Power, about ourselves. It is with this intent that we offer a few challenges to enjoy.

There are two key considerations in accepting any of these challenges, firstly and most importantly, have fun! Keep it loving and simple and enjoyable. Secondly, once you've completed your challenge, we�d love to hear about it. How did you feel before and after? What did you learn?



Challenge Yourself!


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1. Changing uniform

This is a simple challenge and involves wearing different clothes to what you normally wear. If, for example, you wear normally wear a suit and tie to work, try wearing a track suit, jeans, or grunge. Try to dress as opposite to your normal clothes as you can. Try it for one day, or a whole week. See if you can come up with really different styles each day. This challenge is a great one to play around with as there are so many possibilities depending on how brave you are.

2. You're the voice

Sing. Out loud and in front of people.

You can sing something simple like Happy Birthday, have a karaoke moment, or sing along to the music in the supermarket. You must sing loud enough to be heard by at least several people you don't know.

3. Give away

Based loosely on Native American Tradition, you are going to give something away. This item must be emotionally important to you. Your favourite hat, a piece of jewelry your first boy / girlfriend gave you, a special crystal or any item that you are emotionally attached to will do. This item will be given away in such a manner that no one knows you did it. Your item can be surreptitiously left on a park bench, in a shopping mall, or playground. You can hang around and witness when someone finds it, but you are not allowed to get caught leaving it, or admit to ownership.

4. Inner Child

Remember how much fun you had as a kid? Then you grew up and became all serious and decided that you had all these responsibilities and you forgot how to have fun? Well, here's your chance to correct that little misunderstanding. Think back for a moment and remember what you enjoyed doing when you were young, and do it now. Go play in the park on the swings, climb a tree, pencil roll down a big hill, fly a kite, pig out on a triple scoop hot fudge sundae! Kick leaves into a big pile and them jump into them, ring your neighbours doorbell and run away, get as many sweets as you can for 50 cents and eat them all, ride your bike to a friends house, have a pyjama party and watch TV all night. Make paper airplanes and fly them, play hide and seek, float leaves down a stream, watch cartoons at 6 am. The list is endless. How many fun things can you remember, and how many are you willing to do now?

5. The Idiot Box

Turn it off. That's right, no television. None. Not even the news or weather. No DVD's or videos either. How long can you resist? A day? A week? A month? You get to set the length of your challenge, but remember, it is meant as a challenge. Missing an episode of your favourite show does not count. What else might you do with all that spare time? How many ways can you entertain yourself?