I come to you with defenses down, with the trust of a child!

You are here. I've been waiting for you. Look in through my window... or join me and we can look out together.

This is my journey and I want you to join in and be part of it, and I want to be part of your journey. After all, I am another you.



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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Little Jaguar Mystery School

Courses and workshops in Toltec and Shamanism. Healings and personal consultations, Tarot, Oracle and Animal card readings, and The Mesa shop - books, crystals, shamanic tools, jewellery, Mayan, Mexican, Andean crafts, and much more.

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About Susan

Sue Oliver

Susan Oliver grew up in Ontario, Canada. Although raised in the heart of the city in a business-oriented household, Susan was a child with an overwhelming love and inherent knowledge of nature. She spent her summers holidaying at her family's cabin, for example, canoeing through the Great Lakes district, familiarising herself with the trees, birds and animals that dwelt there.

Inspired by her other love (the music of Peter Gabriel), Susan met her husband-to-be the day after the first WOMAD Festival, in Bath '82. It was love at first sight for the two, but being an Australian-born guy, the chances of them teaming up was unlikely... or so he thought!

Not a woman to give up easily, Susan said her I do's in Canada before saying goodbye to her homeland and moving to Australia. The two quickly combined their love of the land to establish a successful, 85 acre award winning English Leicester Sheep farm and home-spun wool business together. Life was good, with their mutual devotion realising the birth of their two children - a beautiful daughter and a strong son: she mirroring her mother and he; his father, in both looks and nature.

And then one fateful day, the world fell apart for Susan: her knight in shining armour fatally injured in a freak accident while tending their beloved farm. She was offered two choices; stay and be mother to her children or succumb to her grief and join her beau.

Spirit had plans for Susan though, for she had unwittingly surrounded herself with a network of support that nurtured her as she healed, became stronger and grew increasingly aware of her innate gifts of power.

Today, Susan is an Impeccable Toltec Warrior, a teacher in the Mastery of Awareness, a mother and healer.

She is also a Master NLP practitioner, skilled tarot reader, belly dancer, drummer and author of 'HUNTING FOR POWER ... a Warrior's Guide to Freedom'.