You are here. I've been waiting for you. Look in through my window... or join me and we can look out together.

This is my journey and I want you to join in and be part of it, and I want to be part of your journey. After all, I am another you.



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Little Jaguar Mystery School
Little Jaguar Mystery School

Courses and workshops in Toltec and Shamanism. Healings and personal consultations, Tarot, Oracle and Animal card readings, and The Mesa shop - books, crystals, shamanic tools, jewellery, Mayan, Mexican, Andean crafts, and much more.

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In the beginning we knew who we were

We knew that we are Divine beings in human bodies. We knew that we are all related. We knew that the animals, and trees, the birds and the flowers, the fishes and the stones were our brothers and sisters. We knew that the Earth was our Mother, and that we are the Children of the Sun. We lived in harmony with our world. We knew we were Spirit. We were connected, One. This still is.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot who we are. We began to believe that we are separate, apart from Spirit. We forgot that the animals, the trees, the birds, and the fishes are the same as us, Spirit in form. We forgot that we are all related. We forgot that the Earth was our Mother, and that we are the Children of the Sun. We forgot our Selves.

In our illusion of separateness, we became selfish. We learned Judgement, and judged ourselves above our brothers and sisters, superior to the animals and trees, the birds and the fishes. We judged ourselves wiser than our Earth. And in doing so, we forgot we are One. We lost our Power. Slowly, we are beginning to remember. We are returning to our Selves. It is with this Intent, that Impeccable was created.

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Stuck? Try an Exercise

These exercises are designed to assist in shifting our perceptions in order to create greater choice. Each of the exercises are tried and true processes that will help you gain a wider understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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Bright ideas, something to think about... and hopefully words of wisdom that will provoke. Click on the Oracle link throughout the site and ponder the gems.

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Here you'll discover upcoming events, what's new and exciting, related workshops, book reviews, and other cool things to check out. There are all sorts of delightful and insightful bits of information and fun stuff to enjoy.

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Impeccable is based mainly on the Toltec Path to Freedom with the Intent of sharing skills, tools and Medicines to assist anyone who is hunting their personal Power and is on a Path with a Heart. We are all our own teachers and healers, no one else can really do this for us, but we can share our lessons and wisdoms. Here you'll find useful exercises, tips and techniques to assist you on your road of self discovery. These are practical, hands on, down to earth methods that work. There is little point in having loving beliefs and ideals unless you can experience and live them. There are many spiritual pathways that espouse beautiful ideals and concepts, but they are just that; ideals and concepts. The proof is in the pudding. Believing that we should all live in peace is one thing, while actually living it might be another. It is here that we can begin to live in peace, with ourselves, our loved ones, and with the world.

Live unselfishly, Love unconditionally, And laugh from your heart!